Silkscreen printing, collage, worked arms: the COLORFORMA are complex models, very colorful, as if fresh out of a lab. The glasses of this concept come as a response to the FORMACOLOR concept, with more details, more colors, and even more audacity.

COLORFORMA, absolutely feminine, is above all an ode to the culture of print and gives free rein to a reflection on graphic experimentation, as much by its colors as by its shapes. Modern, very contemporary, the frames lay claim to an asserted arty identity. They evoke the graphic design of illustrative art, like an echo to the quality of the layout specific to the printing of large posters.

There is technicality in this concept. The stripes create vibrations, like screen patterns, and give a real lightness to models that seem to be moving. The alternation of opacities and transparencies creates shimmering optical illusions. Fluorescent or even neon colors are associated with more pastel shades.

Collages, patchworks, assemblages: everything is done to emphasize contrasts between materials, and the percussive interplay of colors. Eccentric. Radical. The universe of Paul Cox inevitably springs to mind, revisited with youth and freshness, in a concept which proclaims its originality, its love of color, and an acute sense of difference, a respect for extroversion.