Anne et Valentin FOLD


Acetate / metal, entirely masculine, FOLD as a concept works the folding of the metal to highlight reliefs, accentuate volumes and refine raw material. Folding triggers an interplay of shadows and symmetry of levels, like structured stairs. The projected bridge brings an atypical retro-modern dimension, while maintaining a timeless classicism.

Refinement of the rigorously-conceived object, quest for balance, respect for handsome craftwork… The FOLD concept is both referenced and free, open to conversation. Reason predominates in the models presented. The tones are restrained and tempered. The cutting and machining of the acetate makes it possible to highlight the different levels of the material and its semi-matte quality.

These glasses are discreetly brutalist, almost elementary, direct in what they bring to their wearers. Their expressions are multiple. Voluntarily elegant, thoughtful, rigorous, these are frames for thinkers, lovers of design, of beautiful objects, who also know how to keep their cool.