Anne et Valentin MODERN CRAFT


Sculpted effects, subtle asymmetries, slightly irregular contours… With its manufactured aspects, MODERN CRAFT pays tribute to wabi-sabi and celebrates the imperfection of things.

Trapezoidal tenon geometrically linking the branch in a pyramidal spirit. Bridge worked in all dimensions. Carved reliefs.

Our designers were looking for a way to recapture the hand drawn nature of their work. While preserving the technicality of the object, they sought to push the machines in order to achieve voluntary imperfections. Different states, different finishes. Here, a shine, there, a matte finish. Here, a smooth surface. There, a cutout. Strong colors rub against more restrained shades.

A reminder of Brancusi’s sculptures. A call out to the Dogon ladders. A nod to the stone and wood work of Noguchi. Anne&Valentin’s taste for handcrafted objects can be found in the sensoriality of these frames. The spirit is artisanal and sensitive.