Anne et Valentin SUPERKIDS METAL


These frames have been designed for teenagers looking to tread the world with purpose and express their personality with ease. Available in metal or metal and acetate versions, these are genderless models, in tune with the ideals of Gen Z. The bridge is shaped like a circumflex accent, the ultra-comfortable, slender temples make for absolute ergonomics. Sober, without being classic, Made in France of course, they form a clique, much like teenagers themselves, and cultivate their own vision of the world, come what may.

Cool, collected, these frames go about their business with discretion. Showing off is so last year, and effortless suits the best. All thanks to their impeccable, sober lines. Easy to wear, self restrained and colorful, these glasses breathe intelligence. They know how to adapt, whether skateboarding across town or finding their way to class along school halls.

The right fit, the right style, the right spirit. No more, no less. An achievement in itself.
Our frames are designed for youngsters. They have personality, and come in metal, or a mix of both, for the older ones. and they’re flexible, because kids will be kids. They are, as always, Made in France and, above all, Made with Lots of Love.