From one generation to the next: different styles, different expectations… But some things remain intact, like a shared taste for all things beautiful and favorite objects.

It was therefore time, high time,and the right time, to offer our loyal customers a collection for the little ones, their own and those of others, the SUPERKIDS, the kiddos, the offspring, the children, the brats, the enfants terribles, the darling little angels, the darling little devils, the live wires, the daydreamers, the top of the class, the brain boxes, the cute as can be, pretty-as-pictures, the punkettes, rockers, basketball aces, budding artists and future traders! The little ones, yes, but also their elders, the fiery teenagers, the teeny boppers, the juvenile delinquents, the bright and brazen hotheads, this new generation Z, fearlessly bold, bursting with bright new ideas, who know that tomorrow belongs to them today. They are, without a doubt, SUPERKIDS!

Our frames are designed for youngsters. They have personality, and come in acetate for the little ones, and they’re flexible, because kids will be kids. They are, as always, Made in France and, above all, Made with Lots of Love.