Anne & Valentin

Anne & Valentin was born of the wild dream of a couple of opticians in Toulouse in search of unique glasses with striking graphic lines for their friends.

Our secret to creating original glasses that dress you, without disguising or betraying who you are, resides in the love and the interest we instill into the objects themselves. We’re involved in each stage of their manufacture.
In the creation phase, our designers approach certain frames the way they would of certain people.

What today, and probably more than anything, characterizes the work of Anne & Valentin is expression. Expression of our freedom and independence, as much as of our values, which remain aesthetic and human above all. Expression, also, of the respect we have for our customers, with their rich and singular personalities, and for their desires... of expression.

Yes, everything is about feelings. Yes, everything is based on emotion.
Intelligence can only serve its purpose if it is cultivated with the greatest sensitivity. The Anne & Valentin creative studio is both a research workshop and a design space, where our designers work alone or as a team. We welcome any given opportunity to share our finds, whether it’s playing a new track for a co-worker, or leaving behind a book that will pass from hand to hand. Our collections express the unlimited wealth and inspiration, as well as the high standards that certain artists trigger in us, which we in turn put in our work. The very heart of our collective mind focuses on line and on color.

The Made In France label is also an ongoing commitment. We have been working with the same factories in the Jura region for more than 20 years, save for a few titanium models, because Japan is where the best titanium is to be found.

“Don’t try to stand out. Try to do something remarkable”. That’s what we repeat to ourselves, each and every day.