VERY 20A03


The STRIPES concept’s clearly pop universe finds its inspiration in the Sixties’ lifestyle, circa the Courrèges period, while paying homage to Buren, his columns and his color schemes, and to the futuristic pop of Felipe Pantone. The process consists in associating voids and segments of color, taking advantage of the material to create movement. The stripes are born from optical games around bands of colors and transparencies. Think inclusions of tinted strata inside the acetate. Depending on the movement and the inclination of the frame, these stripes evolve, change in size. The solid colors are transformed and seem to almost come to life, creating unexpected effects and surprising sets of compositions. STRIPES is a graphic and very elaborate concept. The frames are utterly arty, right down to the tip of their branches, which are thick, and marked too. Color collages, again, and pastilles at the end of the lines, add to the flashy side and to the visual atypism of the models. We love them for their solid volumes, for their thicknesses, their playful, at times very tart tones. And we love their melted-patchwork quality, their treatment of light, their moiré effects, like stained glass, that play on the energy of their lines and bring dynamism and radiance to the face. Kinetic art, ultra-modern aesthetics: all the models of this concept are very composed, both current and mesmerizing.