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The yearning for art and materials, for sober and concrete objects, for glasses distilled to their essential line … all this and more is behind the BRUTALISM concept. All this, and Carlos Scarpa too, and Brutalism, of course, the architectural movement of the ’50s and ’60s, itself inspired by the giant Le Corbusier.

The Brutalism concept is the fruit of our fascination for the expression of machine work, operating behind the hand of man. Like works in progress ultimately accomplished, the models of this concept travel through material and chromatic combinations.

The work navigates thicknesses, masses, volumes, in an interplay of assemblage through collage. Straight off the machines, these frames proudly play upon their streaks and scratches left by drilling, their grooves, some partially matte zones and reliefs – these many marks serve the concept and attest to the erosion and revelation of material in the course of the process itself.

By replacing, changing or simply discarding certain stages in manufacturing, the initial goals of the machine are circumvented to reveal new surfaces and a raw, even primitive, aspect of the prototype in an elaborate version. Very sophisticated, ultra-cut, sculpted, the frames display radical volumes and purposely pronounced edges. And while these objects claim their entity, stand up for their material, our know-how ensures their outstanding comfort. The crude is crafted. The faces, bridge and tenons brandish their colors. Arms are three-toned, spatulas two-toned…

These frames, designed for men, also excel in accessorizing the androgynous figure.