Anne et Valentin SUPERPOSE


SUPERPOSE is designed with two superimposed thin threads that intertwine, curl, play on thicknesses, meet and part, unite and face up to each other. This approach enables distinct crossings and combinations of lines and colors to reveal fulfilling relief and relieving hollows, to emphasize thicknesses and the always subtle details of the frames, in an eye-opening manner.

Eminently modern, very inspired by contemporary design, like a nod to a Mathieu Mategot rendered in an ultimately minimalist form, the SUPERPOSE concept gives for frames deliberately conceived as timeless objects. Made in Japanese titanium, used for its lightness and flexibility, executed by one of the best manufactures in the country.

The double bars serve as double-bridges, uniting the inner circles. The lower bridge projects slightly to breathe dynamism into the profile. Both technical and aesthetic, the models of this concept represent a serious challenge, for reasons held fiercely secret by our designers.

The line is fluid, refined, giving way to an expression specific to the concept, which wearers come to enrich with their own and individual personality.