Anne & Valentin

Toulouse is where ANNE & VALENTIN has its roots. Our historic store found its new home seconds away from its original address. In the heart of the Carmes neighborhood, known for its village-like quality and douceur de vivre, you’ll find the kind of tables that refined palates require, some welcoming terrasses, one of the city’s farmers’ markets, as well as delightful small streets typical of the downtown portion of the Pink City.

The furniture and interior architecture and decoration of the boutique are, as always, signed ANNE & VALENTIN. They are part of the visual language at work in everything we do. With its natural light brought in thanks to large and almost cinematic windows, its lines and its interior design, the spacious location offers, across 1800 square feet, the kind of comfort and warm intimacy that our visitors and customers have known to expect and can instantly appreciate.

  • Anne & Valentin Toulouse
  • Anne & Valentin Toulouse
  • Anne & Valentin Toulouse
  • Anne & Valentin Toulouse
  • Anne & Valentin Toulouse
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