Anne & Valentin

Lyon’s Presqu’île is the city’s charming peninsula, a bustling lively neighborhood, where the true heart of the city beats. It’s also where you’ll find ANNE & VALENTIN, nestled a stone’s throw away from the striking Place des Jacobins, as well as the Place des Célestins which harbors the legendary Théâtre des Célestins. Nearby, there’s enough restaurants and « bouchons » – traditional eateries you’ll only find in Lyon to sustain your hunger.
Cafés and luxury boutiques nearby will happily complete your visit to France’s other capital.

Want more? Treat yourself to a stroll along the Quai des Célestins, if only to take in the breathtaking view of Notre-Dame de Fourviere’s basilica, on the other side of the Saone river.

  • Anne & Valentin Lyon
  • Anne & Valentin Lyon
  • Anne & Valentin Lyon
  • Anne & Valentin Lyon
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