And so the generations pass, the one after the other, no two ever quite the same. But common to them all is the taste for beautiful things and a sentimentality for their things. And so it was time, it was about time, and time indeed has come: to our faithful clients and customers, a collection for their little ones. Theirs but not just theirs: for the SUPERKIDS, the children, the brats, rugrats and little monsters, those good as gold and the hyperactive, the daydreamers, the class leaders, the brainy ones like the naughty, the preschool punks, minor rockers and little-leaguers, the budding artists as the future traders! The kids, if you will (or do)…

Done. And here goes… A first raft of fun little acetate frames: simple, pop-tastic and above all, durable, with all important flexible hinges. Forever made-in-France, forever made-with-love.

MARIUS, Superkids, Anne & Valentin


MARCIA, Superkids, Anne & Valentin



MINA, Superkids, Anne & Valentin


MARTY, Superkids, Anne & Valentin


MINGUS, Superkids, Anne & Valentin