Anne et Valentin SUN DIVISION


Division of matter. Sophistication and energy. Crafted with a ball effect on glossy contours, the SUN DIVISION concept frames are separated by matt sections.
Their spirit is a tribute to Joy Division and their post-punk, pre-new wave music – tense, edgy, at once wild and under control, supple and electrifying.

Their icy side is paradoxically warmed by lines that seek the light. Their bridges are both breaks and links. Like dynamic axes of symmetry, they emphasize the geometry of these models. The arms counterbalance the curves with rigidity, tipped with an insert that echoes the London Underground.

Feminine, expressive, full-bodied, free, these frames dare it all and dresses casually. The way they absorb and reflect light offers rich contrasts.

Oversized and extroverted, the SUN DIVISION eyewear concept stands. by its excess. Loves fashion, but the real thing: emancipated fashion, fashion that places the line at the heart of everything. Intricate and arty, these frames can cultivate the most cutting-edge references and, above all, are as smart as they are fashionable.