Anne et Valentin SOLARBLOCK


Block thicknesses, both in width and in depth, and a bridge aligned with the tenons, for more graphics: SOLAR BLOCK, as a concept, is monolithic.

Our designers wanted to give in to their primal impulse by creating glasses as if extracted from matter itself. Sculpture, stylization, geometry, urbanism… All geometric references are respected, lines overlap, intersections meet. Here, fluidity masters graphics - and masters its effects.

The frames are stocky, distinctive, architectural, almost brutalist. The lines are pictographic but, upon closer inspection, the sophistication of the drawing is obvious. The bridge and the arms contrast with the eyes’ brushed material, for a result that steers towards the schematic, towards pure and primitive design.

While the forms are elementary, their interpretations are different, and the percussive spirit of the series gives them a strictly rock DNA, on the brink of spatio-temporality. The smoky lenses, available in outright colors, are there to cut, support, increase the block effect of the material.

The combination of colors is fun, the construction effect almost evokes Legos. The strict, moving shapes recall the irreverence of the band Devo, the demands of the Jeunes Gens Mödernes, and constructivist slogans.

The ends of branches, with their resin set inside, like the pictogram of a rough diamond, complete these simple, apparently playful, elementary objects, whose existence is the fruit of several months of research.

All models of the SOLAR BLOCK concept, are timeless frames, freed from fashion and all references. Their function is that of the object, of form and shape, less any ostentatious sign. They are deliberately sharp, made to cross the sound barrier, explore the last frontiers, cross our multiverses. They claim nothing more than style. And nothing less.