Anne et Valentin HYPNOTICS


An all-acetate affair. Thick, radical frames with beveled edges front and back.

No flatness here, none. Inspired by Valentine Schlegel’s work, these massive frames are all about dynamics. Their play of curves creates smooth edges and energetic contours.

Polished bevels, structured yet fluid curves.
The material’s complexity reveals itself in dazzling shadow-light nuances and hypnotic gradients. The brushed reliefs add depth and geometry. The contrast between shine and matte surfaces reinforces the block quality of the concept.
Balanced yet bold, these oversized, ample and generous models are sharp, edgy, sophisticated, and, of course, glam.

HYPNOTICS deserve their name. They’re omnipresent, confident, captivating frames, which beg to be looked straight in the eye, like an invitation to get lost in their gaze. Now and forever.