POLA 1764
UNITED, Anne & Valentin

Homage to the Stencil font, of course, whose historic place in typography makes it a prime graphic and artistic inspiration.

Our designers have drawn bold, acetate frames with structured geometries, which use glimpses of transparency to highlight layered plays of material and color.

STENCIL plays with voids and masses, shapes and shades, and depths too, its strong forms both light and structured. It is above all the delineation of color that creates tension and complementarity, giving the concept its full expression.

The contrast between soft lines and very marked breaks gives rise to cheerful, quite singular objects, which punctuate the spirit and enhance the face.

The result is joyous, very warm and particularly playful, with frank, intersecting lines that reference abstract art.

Frames as substantial as they are airy; that was Anne&Valentin’s challenge for this first collector’s series, exceptionally produced in a very limited edition for 2017. True eyewear lovers will appreciate.