KLEE 1780
KOLOR 1553
KOMPO 1779
KROMA 1781


Our designers have been trying new ways of pushing the limits of their existing color gamut, focusing on the possibility of elaborating the surface to bring depth added chromatic depth.
Requiring advanced technology and appointed techniques, the creation of KROMATICS issues directly from a vast and innovative research effort.
The transparency of the material allows it to breathe, to sway between full volumes and more airy lines through the material itself, for a crystalline effect that enlivens faces with becoming freshness.
Between its block-tints and then the serigraphy to the tips of the temples, this concept comes triple-strength: color, transparency and design. Certain somewhat classical motifs, like tortoiseshell, are jolted back into life with unexpected tones.
Lattice inlayed or shot with myriad points, and with their overlays of colors and material strata, the KROMATICS come off firmly Pop, inspired by lichtenstein, Gilbert and George, modern stainglass work, plexiglass (yes, plexiglass), and even Buren… minus the columns.
A meeting of color and form, these frames are for free and independent optimists, carrying the stamp of a vibrant culture, who enjoy a sense of detail and always wake up on the right side of the bed.