CODE 22A16


“The line is a dot that has gone for a walk.” – Paul Klee.

DASHDOT: a dash, a dot. The essence of drawing. A language akin to morse code. Immediate. Shared. Elementary. Universal.

A light, aerial and exacting concept for these pierced glasses, as they are commonly known.  Nothing is in the least bit common about the DASHDOT frames though. They reinvent the idea by injecting it with hip chic. They toy with lines, geometry, and space.

For these three models, all round, all graphic, and hyper-creative, the suspended lenses are held by gold dots. The ball hinges articulate wire arms and the tips of the arms are dotted with a finishing touch of colored resin. Each model comes in 5 colors from a bold, frank palette, and with a pastel sunwear variation.

The DASHDOTs are inspired by Jieldé’s sublime industrial workshop lamps, created in the 1960s. These sturdy, slender lamps were then designed in a variety of elegant versions for the office. The series also evokes Picasso’s incredible Constellations of the 1920s, which clearly informed the Eames weavings.

Artistic, technically advanced frames, verging on magic, akin to jewelry.