Our curiosity is what defines us. Our thirst for knowledge is endless. In Anne&Valentin’s creative studio, our designers foster a culture of constant research. Design is at the very center of it: how can we redefine lines and volumes, rethink the rapport between reliefs and faces, draw from the various artistic currents that have left their mark in History?

Architecture, photography, fine arts, cinema… Everything is a source of inspiration. Motion. Color. Matter.

Every day, rain or shine, we cultivate a joyful openness to the world, reconciling design, ergonomics, and elegance.

Anne&Valentin was conceived as the lovechild of an optician couple from Toulouse, who sought to create original, well-designed frames for their friends. Today, we still claim a fierce independent spirit and an international, family-oriented state of mind. We have preserved and challenged our vision, built on high standards, research, and a love for the object itself.

Our history evolves as we meet new, interesting, curious and surprising personalities along the way. Friends, customers, strangers on the street, emerging and confirmed artists constantly inspire our designers and teams. All these characters differ in age, style, genre. Each encounter we make renews our passion for our work.

Our communication is above all managed through the concrete reality of our ideas, and through the extreme quality of our process. We imagine our models, visuals, interior decoration and shop furniture ourselves. Our collections are born in the inner dimension created by our ideas, our whims, our inspiration, and your interior universe.

Our taste for culture and singularity continuously expands and connects.

With nine Anne&Valentin stores and 1500 carefully selected retailers, our brand is worn almost everywhere in the world today. Our frames are the expression of the humanity and kindness we wish to share with all of those that put their trust in us.